The Saudi Form of Democracy_ How Women Got to Drive – Gender Policy Journal.pdf

The Saudi Form of Democracy: How Women Got to Drive

MBS’s progressive steps for women is not merely an isolated choice, but rather a response to activism and citizenry demands within the monarchic system. In other words, Saudis carved their own form of democracy. Read the full article published by the Harvard Kennedy School Gender Policy Journal here.

The Middle East as a Sphere for US-China Cooperation - Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy.pdf

U.S.-China Cooperation in the Middle East

The United States’ approach has been to push China out of the Middle East. But this approach is not sustainable. Instead, the U.S. and China should cooperate by leveraging their comparative advantages to make grand strategy gains in their Middle Eastern foreign policy.

Published by the Harvard Kennedy School's Journal for Middle Eastern Politics and Policy here.

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Harvard Undergrad. Women in Foreign Policy Conference

I created the and ran the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Foreign Policy Conference on March 5th, 2022 (Saturday before Women's Day) aimed to bring together students in the Cambridge/Boston area on the common interest of empowering women in foreign policy.  This event featured opening virtual remarks by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, keynotes such as Biden's Homeland Security Advisor, workshops with experts from State Dept, Dept. of Defense, CIA, NASA, Google and free mentorship meals for participants with Harvard professors. 

Watch Secretary Blinken's remarks here.


Being an Immigrant in National Security

Authored an article published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on the dichotomy of being an immigrant in national security. 


Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Weapons

Co-authored a policy paper focusing on analyzing and providing policy recommendations on the emergence of artificial intelligence as a tool in advancing nuclear weapon sophistication. I specialized in Chinese AI development and applications to nuclear technology. I wrote this as a part of my Girl Security National Security Fellowship. 

The full published report can be found here and press release here.

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HUIRSP 22 Final Packet.pdf

Harvard Undergraduate International Relations Scholars Program

I cam up with the idea for and coordinated the first foreign policy conference for high school students. In June 2021, the conference welcomed 615 students from 62 different countries around the world. 

Across 4 days, I coordinated the presence of 150+ experts, including Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense; 25 Department of State Ambassadors and other foreign and civil service officials; 4 former Central Intelligence Agency officers, and 2 Department of Defense personnel from the Pentagon and Office of the Secretary of Defense; and various United Nations representatives, policy advisors, think tank directors, and academics. 

In 2022, I was President of the organization behind the conference and guided and supported the new Conference Director.

The Importance of Culture in Societal Responses to COVID-19

Published by the Harvard Political Review.

We often think of culture as stagnant, but as we evolve to meet the challenges of life, the cultures we nest in evolve with us. COVID-19 presents an opportunity to study the flexibility and adaptability of cultures due to international differences between pandemic responses, on a governmental and societal level.